Teeth Whitening – 3 Ways to white them at Home

Teeth whitening is doubtless one of the solutions we are constantly looking for, simply because our smile is the first impression we have with any person we meet. Our teeth are very delicate and confusing if we try to understand them completely, which is why we always have to visit our dentist before applying any type of treatment on them. Now, given the fact that there are very low cost products for teeth whitening at home, it is a little bit uncommon to find a good home remedy that we can apply. However, the Health and Care Spot is always digging deeper in order to find a solution for you, the visitor. That is why here are 3 Ways White Your Teeth at Home:


1. Salt and Strawberry

First of all, salt will act as an abrasive portion of the paste we will create. Additionally, Strawberries contain a great quantity of Vitamin C, which will fight against the plaque that causes our teeth to be yellow. You will need 3 big strawberries and a pinch of salt. You will have to mash the strawberries in a cup, adding a pinch of salt. Once the mix is ready, apply a good amount on your teeth with a toothbrush and leave it there for 5 minutes. Then rinse to clean them up.


2. Lemon Juice and Baking Soda

Baking Soda is also abrasive, which is why we will use it in this formula. For this remedy, you will need a toothbrush, a good quantity of lemon juice to create a paste and several spoons of baking soda. You will mix several spoons with enough lemon juice until you make a paste. Remove as much saliva as you can off your teeth and apply a good amount of the paste using your toothbrush. Leave it there for 1 minute and make sure you don’t leave it for more than 1 minute, as the lemon juice will affect your enamel.


3. Coconut Oil

Although this might be the least pleasant remedy for teeth whitening of the 3 shared in this article, we have read tons of good feedback for this remedy, which is why we included it on our list. The flavor might not be good at all but here are the instructions: Before you brush your teeth in the morning, grab a tablespoon of coconut oil, then push, swish and pull the oil through and all over your teeth for around 10 to 15 minutes, then spit it out, wash your mouth really good, and brush your teeth.



These 3 home remedies for teeth whitening are not 100% guaranteed, however, based on the testimonials of the people that have applied them, we can say that you will surely see results for you as well. These results will not be visible after the first application as with sold products, but if you are patient enough, you will definitely save some dollars by applying these free tips. If you do not see results after applying them 100% as specified, the Health and Care Spot recommends you to visit your dentist to get a more professional advice for your particular situation, or check the Teeth Whitening Section, where we cover information of very successful products that you might find appropriate for you. Keep visiting our home remedies for more.

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