Teeth Whitening

brush-18729_1920Our teeth are one of the first, if not the first thing people see in us when they meet us. White teeth is doubtless a great presentation card. Although extremely white teeth is not absolutely necessary, it is imperative for our health and self-esteem to have a clean and beautiful smile. One of the most common questions we always ask ourselves is: Why did our teeth change color?

This can be due to many factors, but we want to share with you the most common ones in this article:


  1. Drink: Wine, coffee, tea and soda can affect the color of our teeth in a tremendous way. In fact, drinking coffee is one of the most common reasons of the change of color in our teeth. This has been confirmed by a big list of interviewed dentists. We don’t have the actual number or percentage, however, we do know that drinking soda has affected our teeth health throughout the last few decades as well.
  2. Smoking: As we all know, smoking tobacco is one of the most practiced activity nowadays. Additionally, the two substances in cigarettes will affect the color of our teeth too. For example, nicotine does not have any color, but when it’s mixed with oxygen, it instantly gets a yellowish tone.
  3. Age: Growing is something inevitable, and it is one of the reasons of losing the whiteness in our teeth. Below the shell of our teeth there is a soft layer called dentin, that gets thinner when we brush our teeth. With the years passing by, the dentin gets softer and the yellowish color starts to appear.
  4. Side effect of medications: This can turn into teeth darkening. It usually happens with high blood pressure medications, antihistamines and antiphyschotics.


If the dentin layer is thinner, how is the teeth whitening process?

When you want to white your teeth, the process is simpler than it sounds. Any whitening product has to contain either one of two bleaches, hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These bleaches will make your teeth brighter and the color less concentrated. This will happen by breaking stains into smaller pieces.

So anybody can white their teeth?

Unfortunately no. If your discoloration is due to an injury or medications, the treatment to white your teeth will not be effective. We always recommend you to check with your dentist to get the best possible answer for your particular situation.


What options do I have to white my teeth?

If you already checked with your dentist, and you are qualified to white your teeth, you can choose three options:

In-Office Bleaching

With this option, you can have your teeth whitening usually in one visit only, which is very convenient for most of the interested ones. Dentists apply either a rubber shield or a protective gel. This is to protect your gums, and then it will be applied to your teeth.


Every toothpaste helps to remove the surface stain. You have to always check for ADA Seal of Acceptance products, as these products have a special chemical to provide additional removal of stain effectively. We must point out that all types of ADA Seal of Acceptance products do not change the color of the tooth as it only removes stain off the surface.

At-Home Bleaching

This treatment usually comes in a gel and is placed in a tray that fit our teeth. You have to always discuss this possibility with your dentist and buy a ADA Seal of Acceptance product all of the time.

Are there any Side Effects after Teeth Whitening?

The most common effect after teeth whitening is tooth sensitivity. This happens when the peroxide in the whitener gets through the enamel to the soft layer of dentin and affects the nerve of the tooth. The majority of the cases of tooth sensitivity are temporary. If this happens, you should delay the treatment and then continue. As usual, check with your dentist every time you feel affected.

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